Ben Cooper, aka Radical Face, a passé une décennie à confectionner et imaginer une trilogie d’albums liés par un même thème : la vie d’une famille fictive au cours d’un siècle. Le troisième et dernier volet de la trilogie, « The Family Tree: The Leaves » sortira le 25 mars 2016 et pour célébrer cette sortie, Radical Face partira en tournée avec une série de concerts intimistes qui mettent en valeurs les personnages de cette famille imaginaire « The Family Tree », et les œuvres créées par Ben Cooper. // Ben Cooper, AKA Radical Face, has spent over a decade crafting a trilogy of albums that is tied together in the theme of a fictitious family spanning over a century. The third and final installment of the album Trilogy, « The Family Tree: The Leaves » will be released on March 25th, 2016, and in celebration Radical Face will be doing a series of intimate concerts inspired and themed around characters in The Family Tree and featuring original artwork and stories by Ben Cooper. http://radicalface.com/

Première partie / Support : LITTLE BOOKS  


2 séances : 17h et 19h45
Première séance/first show: 17h
Deuxième séance/second show: 19h45

ticket: 22€ on presage here: http://goo.gl/y6f1nB / 25€ at the door


Un double concert présenté par SUPER! & LE CAFE DE LA DANSE.

« So I have most of the tour dates for this year, so I’m gonna go ahead and post them. There are a couple more coming in that gap in May, but otherwise they are set. And this tour is gonna be a bit different, so I’ll explain a few things real quick … If you notice from the dates (which are posted in the events tab, as well as the current cover image), for most cities, we are doing multiple dates. There’s a couple reasons for this. The first is material. Now that I’ve got 5 records under my belt with this project, building a set list is getting tough. I’m always leaving things out that people would like to hear, or that I’d personally like to play, because with most of my songs being so long and how easily I lose my voice, I average about 12 – 13 per set before I’ve used my time. So with this tour, we will be doing different sets each night. There might be a couple cross-over songs that will wind up on both nights, but for the most part, each show will be largely different music. The second reason was set up time. When you are moving between cities every day, if you wanna do some creative stuff with the stage or the room, things get dicey really quick. You either need to keep it quick and simple (which I usually do), or if you have production ideas, you need a crew to help set all that up and break it down (which I can’t afford … I’m lucky to break even on most tours as it is). But since we’ll be in the same building multiple nights, we can do more with the stage and the lobby by having one day to set up and play, and another to break down and play, and not burn ourselves out. So that’s how the idea came about to play multiple nights in the same place. it also keeps the shows smaller, which I prefer. And if I can get all these audio/visual ideas around The Family Tree to work, the shows should be pretty cool! I am also bringing my friends, The Little Books, to both open and play back up for me, along with the usual touring crew. If you haven’t heard them, I really recommend you check them out. I’m gonna be helping them record their album soon as well, so it made sense to just pile it all in and tour together as well. So yeah. Tickets go on sale this Friday, for the both the US and Europe. Hope to see you there! And I hope everyone is well. More soon. » -Ben