L’auteur-compositeur-interprète britannique sera enfin en concert pour la première fois en France !

Ses jolies chansons, ses vidéos pleines d’ambiance et ses contributions à des B.O. à succès lui ont déjà valu de nombreuses salles combles à l’étranger!

Ce qu’il en dit ? « My name is Tom Rosenthal and I’m going to be honest with you. You won’t have seen me live before. The main reason being that I’ve had two daughters in the last 5 years and I didn’t want to leave home for long periods of time. But now it’s time to get out there and play. I do believe my songs can emotionally connect with people in a really great way and I want to make sure that happens in a live setting too. Until now most live performances have just been myself and a piano/keyboard but I’m expanding my music horizons! For these performances I’ll be joined by a cellist and a guitar player/backing vocalist but will still aim to keep the intimacy that’s always been at the heart of my sound. »


MATT MALTESE (Première partie)

Un concert présenté par Gracia Live
Ouverture des portes à 19h30 ; début des concerts vers 20h